Web and app designer

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My professional title is Lead User Experience Designer. I designed native and mobile web applications in Austin, TX, but then I transfered to New York. Now I'm designing B2B tools.

Oh, and I love web development and design so much that I tutor people for fun.

Shenanigans Artist

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Last year I organized a big ol' facial hair themed group art show in Austin, TX called BYOBeard.

This year, I've assembled Brooklyn Illustrators Meetup with the help of Sadi Tekin, owner of Monsters of New York. I hope that we'll do a group art event in Brooklyn before the year is up.

Derangement of Senses, a monthly fiction show at Le Poisson Rouge, has been a huge inspiration to me as of late. I plan to use them as my outlet for all sorts of creative self expression. Ha! Right now I'm cooking up something with many-time MOTH grand slam champion, Steve Zimmer. More details to come...


I was an artist before I got into web stuff, and occasionally I still take on little freelance illustration projects. For freelance, I stick to storyboarding and simple, black and white, cartoonish drawings. Probably once per year I'll paint something, but just for a show or as a gift. Paintings are too much work to be sold.

Portrait of Patrick
Portrait of Patrick. Acrylics and pencil on a manilla folder glued to a wood panel.


Living in Austin for so many years turned me into a music hobbyest. I got one paying gig to create music for a toilet-themed iPhone app. That was super fun to work on. Otherwise, I just make up little songs on my Tascam cassette tape recorder or play with friends.

Right now I'm working on a song inspired by a Spencer Johnson illustration. It's called Battle Pigs. All I have so far is me and my guitar. Here's my little sketch:
Battle Pigs (4.8 MB)


Comedy is totally just a hobby thing. In Austin, I used to go to open mics at Kick Butt Coffee, mostly, and then promote the good stuff to Cap City Comedy Club. I've only gone to a could open mics in New York, though. I've found that the storytelling scene fits me nicely, so I've been exploring that.