Behind the logo

Bricco Blend's logo is a milk frothing pitcher (bricco in Italian) and the Montopolis bridge all rolled into one image. I was really inspired by mid-century logos (who isn't) and worked through many, many iterations until I landed on one I felt worthy of the design books from where I drew my inspiration.

I have really positive associations with Montopolis. I love my bike commute to the factory: going over the Montopolis bridge; riding along the frontage road and being ushered toward my prosperous future by the passing exit sign that reads "Montopolis."

Montopolis is a bittersweet too. I've observed the long-time residents of "the island" become closer and more neighborly and more generous toward each other as the flood of gentrification washes out generational homes and Montopolis history. I blame the city. They could choose to give black property owners income-based property taxes as reparations for segregation and housing discrimination. I only recently realized that Baby Boomers (my parents!) were fed explanations for why they could or couldn't swim at Barton Springs with the other teenagers. This history is so recent, we're in it.

Weirdly, Montopolis is at the heart of my personal gentrification action plan. My house, which I bought for $160k, is worth $500k this year. Yay, right? Nope. I have to pay taxes on that! And if I sold my little tear-down-in-progress, what would I buy? Another tear down?

But Montopolis, the business, gives me hope. I know it will be successful. My flagship product solves so many problems for food business owners! I dream of moving my operation to beautiful San Marcos, right between Austin and San Antonio. Maybe I'll keep my house in Austin, maybe I'll just sleep in my office and live nowhere in particular. Either way, I like the idea of untethering a little.

Next time I'll have to tell you about my flagship product, my Amazon plans, the design work I've been doing (and the help I've been getting)...


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